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A yaoi and incest fan's musings and thoughts

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Name:James Wells
My name is James, and I'm a fan of ill characters and incest pairings for...reasons of my own! I also have a thing for yaoi and cute men, but I'm not stupid about it, I promise!

Interests (42):

admiring lyssie, angel sanctuary, anti-homophobia, avatar: the last airbender, being a sane yaoi fan, being a woobie, being kind, being polite, being shy, bleach, captain tsubasa, cute boys, disabled characters, fake, fire emblem, fushigi yuugi, gay not misogynist, gravitation, gundam wing, healers, het, ill boys, ill girls, incest pairings, kaze to ki no uta, my cousin lyssie, my little pony, not bad porn, not canon elitists, not my heart condition, not overprotective parents, not patrick, old cartoons, pokemon, revolutionary girl utena, sailor moon, siblings, sorcerer hunters, sweet ladies, the amazing chan and the chan clan, yaoi, yuri
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